About two years ago I was browsing through Death Valley Jim’s website and came across a beautiful rock art site in Mojave National Preserve. Called Counsel Rocks, I decided I had to find this site and visit it.

The Counsel Rocks site is a smattering of boulders at the base of a mesa. The main boulder, “Womb Rock”, has a natural round window. Its polished floor hints at many people having passed through the opening.

“Womb Rock”

Polished floor of the window in

Polished floor of the window in “Womb Rock”

The walls of the main boulder are decorated with petroglyphs and pictographs of various fertility symbols.

Fertility Symbols below the opening

Fertility Symbols below the opening

Counsel Rocks Pictographs

Counsel Rocks Pictographs

A bit of internet sleuthing and applied Google Earth skills led me to the site in time for our 2014 Thanksgiving visit to the park. In the interest of keeping this undamaged site pristine, I’m not providing any information on where it is or how to get there.  It was (and could continue to still be) a  sacred spot to the Chemehuevi, so if you do find your way there please treat the site with respect.

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