The #OmniWhat?

#OmniGames are On

#OmniGames are On

Lets back up a second. Remember that time Columbia Sportswear invited me into their amazing, exclusive #OmniTen club? Remember the time Columbia Sportswear sent me some great gear to test out? Remember the time Columbia Sportswear flew me and a bunch of other awesome people to Arizona to hike in Sedona and Havasu Falls?


Columbia Sportswear’s Omniten at Havasu. My new BFFs.

I have had an amazing relationship with Columbia Sportswear and the #OmniTen crew for over a year and a half now, and its only going to get better. On Wednesday, they are flying our group and the rest of the #OmniTen seasons (four total) to Utah to spend a few days in Park City. All we know is that we are staying at the beautiful Escala Lodge, ski rentals will be covered, we’ll get some gear to test out, and we’ll be participating in the #OmniGames.

Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls: My First #OmniTen  trip

What the #OmniGames are is anyone’s guess, but naturally we’ve tried to figure it out. So far our best guesses go from bobsledding to bear wrestling. The best clue we’ve found is Columbia’s reference to 01.08.2014 as their Olympic Uniform reveal day. Hm, we’re staying near the Olympic Park in Park City. And we’re all arriving during the day on January 8th. And we’re doing something called the #OmniGames. I think I’m seeing an Olympic theme here, but we’ll just have to wait and see! Columbia is known for surprising the #OmniTen so guessing is probably futile anyways.

#OmniTen, starry sky, and Havasu Falls, photo by Will Rochfort.

#OmniTen, starry sky, and Havasu Falls, photo by Will Rochfort.

Without really knowing what we’ll be doing, I am still super excited for this trip! I’ll get to see my old Season 1 OmniTen friends, catch up with friends in other seasons, and meet the rest, a bunch of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. I’m not great on skis (okay, I’m a terrible pizza-french fries bunny hill skier), but I won’t be alone. While our winter OmniTen brethren shred the gnar (that’s what they say, right?), us lesser ski-skilled folks will be trying stuff on the bunny slopes together, and I bet it will be just as fun.

In the meantime, I’m going to practice my s’more making, beer drinking, and bear wrestling. Because I have no idea what the #OmniGames will be and I must be prepared for it all! Follow along the following tags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what they are all about – I’m sure there will be prolific tweeting, posting, and instagramming of the event. After all, we were all chosen due to our noisiness on social media.

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