Finally! On Basin Mountain

40 in 40: A Peak Bagging Challenge

Yesterday was my 39th birthday, a natural point to reflect on the past year. It certainly has been an exciting one. At this time last year I was planning our holiday trip to Bend. During that trip, we decided that our 2016 goal would be to figure out our ‘exit plan’ from the Bay Area and relocate to Bend. Well, things went much faster than expected and here I sit in my cozy farmhouse overlooking the central Cascades to the West and the Oregon high Desert to the east.


We'll have a view of the mountains from our new home!

Big Announcement

You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here lately. It’s not that I’m not having adventures, I just haven’t been able to find the time to write about them. All of my spare brain power has been spent on one big project: relocation to Bend, Oregon!


Happy Birthday to Thor!

It’s Mighty Thor’s first birthday today!

Raising a lab puppy has been so much fun. This adorable face helped us get through the land shark phase with those needle sharp puppy teeth and desire to put everything in his mouth. It’s much easier to forgive and stay patient when that’s the face staring back at you! He’s smart and the friendliest happiest pup around.


First view into the stadium

Opening Day Experience at Levi’s Stadium, New Home of the 49ers

I’m going to deviate from my normal topics for a moment and share the opening game day experience that I had yesterday at the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara, California. I had been providing some comments live during the game via Twitter and actually got some nice feedback and responses from vendors and partners. To this point, I wanted to expand on some of my observations.

The opening event at Levi’s Stadium was a football match, just not of the American pointy-ball type. The San Jose Earthquakes played the Seattle Sounders in a regular season MLS (Major League Soccer) match. This match was intended to be the dress rehearsal for the 49ers season and rather than fill it to the brim, they sold only the lower sections. That still meant an attendance of over 48,000 people.


Thor in Santa Cruz

Thor’s First Adventure: Santa Cruz!

Hi! I’m Thor, and this is my first guest blog post! I’m a 15 week old Yellow Labrador, and I’m finally vaccinated and can safely go out into the world now. This is my trip report from my first adventure into the world beyond the backyard!

Today, my people took me to Santa Cruz! We walked along the cliff and watched the surfers. I met a lot of new people and dogs and was all smiles.

Thor in Santa Cruz

I’m so happy to be outside!


Cardio Theater!

Staying Outdoor-Fit and a review of Retro Fitness, Foxworthy

It’s important for me to maintain my fitness throughout the work week. Simply getting out on the weekends isn’t enough for me to maintain the level that I want to be at in order to do the things that I do. Therefore, I’ve settled into a weekday routine of a combination of climbing and running. I’ve found that to be a manageable plan to stay in relatively good condition. Climbing helps my core, balance, and overall body strength, while running helps with the endurance and cardio health.

In general, I’m not a fan of indoor exercise. I prefer to be outside, even if that only means squeezing in a jog around the neighborhood in between work phone calls. Living in such a temperate climate, the weather is almost always conducive to outdoor fitness, and I never want to take that for granted. I find treadmills boring. That said, there is definitely a time and place for gyms. In fact, I am a member of three gyms! Whaaat?


He has a big smile

Introducing Mighty Thor

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram I am sure you are already aware of this exciting news. So consider this the formal announcement. We have expanded our small family by 50%! Introducing Mighty Thor, ruler of naps, the back yard, and our hearts. We’re still working on the ‘Mighty’ part, but he’s big and blonde so Thor seems to be a good name. David picked out the name long ago, but I wanted to make sure the name fit before I committed to it.


Dad, Pentwater Michigan

A Thank You Post to my Dad for Father’s Day

My love for the outdoors came from an early age, thanks to family camping trips around the Great Lakes. My best childhood memories come from these trips, and they all involve my dad. Grilling steaks, pointing out the constellations, putting up with us annoying kids when he just wanted to take a nap on the beach. Love you, Dad, and thanks for the best childhood a girl who likes to play in the dirt could ask for!

Me and Dad, 1981

Me and Dad, 1981


25 Reasons Why I Am Awesome

Some turkey on Winters peak, Death Valley

Wearing turkey hats on desert summits is only *one* reason why I am awesome, and it didn’t even make the list!

This is traditionally the time of year for resolutions and goal-setting, thinking of things we want to accomplish before we turn the last page of the calendar. But a blog post that has been widely shared among my network over the past week has made me pause from my planning and goal setting to reflect on those things that I have already experienced and accomplished. It’s called the “Reverse Bucket List“, and I decided to write one of my own.

The experience of writing this list out brought a lot of smiles and happy memories to mind, so I highly recommend that YOU write your own! You don’t have to have a blog, just write it down on a piece of paper. Take a few moments to reflect on your accomplishments and meaningful experiences. Remember, you aren’t defined by what you HAVEN’T done, you’re defined by the years you’ve already spent here on planet Earth.