Okay, it’s not the first time I’ve mentioned this topic here. Or on the trail. In fact, this past weekend went a lot like Heather’s over at Just a Colorado Gal:

As we were hiking this past weekend, I kept getting asked the same questions repeatedly:

“Where did you get those shoes?”

“Where did those hiking boots come from?”

“How about that sweet shell that seems to protect your head from these 50mph wind gusts?”

But I definitely have not been as good at communicating the deal as fellow Omniten-er Jon Bausman does in this video. It made me laugh. And I think I’ll probably yell “HELLO HAVASU FALLS!!” next time I stand in the shower. Speaking of which – OMG I am going to Arizona in …well….let Columbia count it down for you! (and no, I don’t know what Project Z is either! I’m going to guess it’s a surprise party for me. Because I have no idea.)

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  1. Eileen

    Havasu Falls is awesome! Though I hear it’s a bit different since a big flood a year or so ago (and one of the falls in the area is entirely gone now).

    You’ll be in for some hiking unless Columbia opts for the mules or helicopter ride in, hehe. Bring your camera, I hiked in carrying my SLR with extra lenses, was still worth the weight!

    And in regards to Sedona… also an awesome place, hopefully you’ll get to go to the natural water slides!

    Ok, now I’m wishing I was going back to those places too 🙂

    1. Calipidder Listing Owner

      I’m so excited to see the falls! I’ve backpacked the Grand Canyon but the pictures of those falls have always caught my imagination.

      Sedona is beautiful! I’ve been though once but didn’t get time to hike or really explore, it was more of a drive-through site seeing visit. Can’t wait!

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