So, this is happening.

A few days ago I got home from a trip to visit family and found this goodie in my mailbox.

Last month I wrote about the Omniten program but never did I expect something this awesome to fall into my lap (or, er, mailbox). I don’t think I need to explain how excited I am.

Of course, a huge part of that excitement is about visiting an awesome part of the country and trying out some new gear, but one thing I’m really looking forward to is hanging out with some old blogging friends and meeting some new ones. If there is one thing I’ve learned from lots of time in the mountains and Outdoor Retailer shows it is that outdoorsy people are the best and super fun to hang out with.

By the way, the rest of the Omniten crew are all awesome and you should be reading their blogs and twitter feeds. Check out this Twitter list for profiles and links.

You can expect plenty of updates, pictures, and reviews* after this amazing opportunity. I’m not sure exactly how everything will go yet, but I’m signed up for an ‘Intense’ hike over the weekend and the three day extension trip to Havasu Falls.

So, yeah. Right now my mind is pretty much stuck in “Woo Hooo” mode. I can’t wait to share the experience with you guys!

*I hate having to even mention it, but years of working with have instilled in me a strong desire for openness and transparency. Although I mention it elsewhere on my site, here is a quick note about the gear I may review from this opportunity:

We are free to write or not write about any of the gear we receive or test. I believe in being honest and open when I write about a product. All claims, positive OR negative, made in any reviews I write are backed up via personal experiences.  The product origin and awesome trips will not influence any reviews I write (other than providing context and testing opportunities).

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  1. Tim Miner

    Big score! That time of year is perfect for Havasu Falls too! I am going a week and a half after you. You’ll love it. There would be enough time for you to do the 16 mile round trip to the Colorado River too.

    1. Calipidder Listing Owner

      Awesome, we’ll leave it nice for you. Not sure of the specific plan but the Colorado hike sounds great too! We did something similar from Clear Creek in the Grand Canyon a while ago.

      1. Tim Miner

        It would be tough in a 3 day swing with hike in/out bookending the 16 mile roundtrip to the Colorado. But certainly doable. Of course, lounging in the pools at Havasu and Mooney Falls wouldn’t be a bad way to spend the day either!

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