In what is becoming an annual tradition, a couple of weekends ago we headed to BLM’s Cache Creek Wilderness area for a spring backpack. Cache Creek offers beautiful wildflowers and great wildlife, so it’s a nice place to visit in the spring. In the summer I imagine it would be miserably hot.

I have described this area in prior blog posts, so I won’t rehash the details here. Trip description and photos available at the links below.

If You Go

Wilson Valley
Wilson Valley

The Redbud Trail starts just off of Highway 20 about ten miles east of Clearlake. It is about 2.5 miles to Baton Flat, and there the trail crosses the creek. The flow of the creek is not just dependent on recent rains – it is also regulated via the dam upstream. Because of this the water level is unpredictable. I’ve seen it nearly dry (May 2009) as well as 50 yards wide and chest deep (May 2010).

No permits are required for overnights in this BLM wilderness area.

This is a popular area with hunters – wear bright clothes, hike with a big noisy group and stay on trail.

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  1. Vince

    How high was the creek? And was the water flowing fast. Last year the water was down to where you could cross it without getting we over your ankles. Would love to know. Gonna trek up there very soon.

    Thanks Vince

  2. Calipidder Listing Owner

    I imagine at this time of year it would be quite dry. But remember, the flow is controlled by the dam at the reservoir upstream so it may not follow seasonal patterns. I’d call to find out.

    You can see how high the water was in pictures – about waist high and ~70 feet wide.

  3. modesto

    Hello, I heard of a bald eagle nest somewhere in that area. Did u see it? If u did how far is it? Thank u so much.

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