Me on the summit of Matterhorn!

Climbing the Sierra Nevada’s Matterhorn Peak (12,279)

In August of 2008 I did a gorgeous backpacking trip through Hoover Wilderness and the Northeastern corner of Yosemite National Park. One of the highlights of that trip was getting a look at Sawtooth Ridge and its highest point, Matterhorn Peak, as I hiked between Burro and Mule Pass. The sharp western face of the ridge looked beyond my climbing comfort zone, but when I later learned that the eastern side had a much more tame class 2/3 scramble it shot to the top of my peak bucket list.

North lake Fall Colors

Bishop Creek Fall Colors: North Lake and Sabrina

It’s getting a little late to share this report, but last Sunday (September 29) we headed up Bishop Creek to check out the fall colors. We had been given some discouraging reports about South Lake, so we decided to focus on North Lake and Lake Sabrina.

North Lake was looking pretty nice. While I’ve certainly seen it better, it was definitely worth a visit. As for Sabrina, the lake itself was well below average in terms of the colors it is capable of showing. The road between the North Lake turnoff and Sabrina had the best color on this stretch.


South Fork Lakes below Cirque Peak

Cirque Peak (12,900′) Attempt…and More Storms

Having kicked off my two week trip by being chased off of a peak by storms the previous day, I was looking forward to the long term forecast of clear and warm weather. However, when my alarm went off at 5:30 in the morning on Tuesday, August 12 I was disappointed to see quite a few clouds still lingering over the peaks. I studied the latest forecast and it had a similar prediction as the day before: storms clearing out throughout the day, leading to a week of clear skies. So, once again, I decided to trust the forecast and headed up Horseshoe Meadows road to the New Army Pass trailhead. My goal of the day was Cirque Peak, and not just the summit – I was planning on doing a loop over the peak via New Army Pass and Trailmaster Peak.