False Kiva, Canyonlands

False Kiva and Mesa Arch in Canyonlands

Sunday marked the end of our beer adventure and the start of our Southern Utah adventure. The Federal Government still had parks closed, but the state of Utah had opened up their parks so we were thrilled to be able to go with our original second-week plan through Canyonlands, Capital Reef, and Zion.

We woke up early, took our last shower for a week,  and checked out of the hotel before heading over to a nearby Safeway to stock up the cooler with supplies. The week’s plans split the nights between established campground camping and dispersed camping, so simple dinners were on the menu. Mmm snausages.


Horsetooth Reservoir Bouldering and New Belgium Tour

The reason for our road trip to Colorado is the Great American Beer Festival, so once we reached Fort Collins beer took a priority on our itinerary. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t also have some outdoors fun!

We set our alarms early (we’re not THAT dedicated beer drinkers…there is far too much to do in the morning!) and headed out to Horsetooth Reservoir for some bouldering among the rocks that helped kick start the sport years ago.


Elf Country, i.e. Yellowstone and Big Sky, MT

We woke up on Sunday morning and did a double check: nope, not dreaming, parks still closed, Congress still run by selfish asses. Grr. So instead, we decided to head out on a recommended wildlife-spotting loop for spring when the snow has not yet melted, followed by a visit to Big Sky. We drove around Hebgen Lake and did not see any wildlife, but we did see the fascinating remnants of an earthquake that decimated a local recreation area and essentially created a new lake. It was windy and 25 degrees, though, so we didn’t linger.