View from Bloody Mountain

Bloody Mountain, 12,552 ft

I recently returned from a fantastic two week peak bagging trip to the Sierra. While I try to sort through the massive amounts of content I created on that trip (photos, GPS tracks, and journal entries), I thought I’d do some housecleaning by revisiting a climb I did back in July. I posted the pictures a while ago but never got the chance to write about it here, so here we go!

Laurel and Bloody Mountains are situated on the eastern side of the Sierra just south of Mammoth Lakes. Their rock is among the oldest in the range, and the colors and textures found in their landscape differs from elsewhere in the Sierra. Together, they make for a great double-peak day, and that’s exactly what we intended to do a few years ago when we started up Laurel. Unfortunately, rather violent storms decided to build up and we barely got off of Laurel after tagging the summit, let alone start on Bloody, before the skies opened up.


A Local’s Guide to Hiking in Silicon Valley Part 1: The Easy Hikes

People travel to Silicon Valley and the Bay Area for work from all over the world. For many, the opportunity to visit California is a treat and people often look for activities to do outside of their business meetings. To that end, I often receive emails from outdoorsy-types requesting advice for spending their free time on the local trails. Instead of sending the same email responses over and over again, I thought it made a lot more sense just to publish something! Below you will find information about some of the easy hikes I regularly recommend to visitors. Coming next: moderate and difficult hike recommendations for those with a bit more time.


Bishop Pass, June 2014

Bishop Pass and Dusy Basin Backpack

Two weekends ago I got out on my fist backpack of 2014. Crazy! Our original plan was a simple trip from South Lake to Dusy Basin on Friday, where we would spend a day exploring before heading back out on Sunday. However, enough snow lingered on the pass that we decided to set up camp a bit short of our original goal and dayhike over it instead. I wouldn’t have wanted to post hole through the snow with my 40 lb pack.

It was a great trip with excellent fishing, jaw-dropping views, and great friends. If you’re interested in specific snow conditions over the pass on June 7, 2014, my photo album has a lot of detail. Following are some highlights of the weekend. 


Eastern Sierra Over Memorial Day: Thor’s First Camping Trip!

This year, we took a more laid back approach to our annual Memorial Day Trip in the Eastern Sierra. In past years we’ve bagged peaks and escaped snow storms, but this year we decided to take it easy. Why? Well, first of all, David was recovering from minor surgery and couldn’t lift or do any strenuous activity. But also? It was Mighty Thor‘s first camping trip! We didn’t want to overwhelm the guy, so we just tooled around the Eastern Sierra and let him have a lot of new experiences.