So, here’s the thing. I forgot all about the photos on my computer from our Annual Thanksgiving Roadtrip Hiking Snowshoeing Skiing Climbing Camping Extravaganza. I’ve finally got around to uploading them to the photo album, and only a month late!

The trip was nine days long and went roughly like this:

Day 1: Snowshoeing and Skiing Castle Peak near Donner Summit with Paige, Steve, and Patrick
Day 2: Drive from Reno to Bishop, camp in Bishop. It was cold. I’m a wuss.
Day 3: Bouldering at the Happy Boulders and skiing along the road to South Lake (but not all the way to South Lake)
Day 4: Skiing to Mosquito Flat (along Rock Creek road) in the morning, bouldering in the afternoon
Day 5: Skiing all the way to South Lake along the road, bouldering in the afternoon
Day 6: Bouldering at the Sad Boulders in the morning, drive to Death Valley with a scenic stop at the Alabama Hills below Mt. Whitney. Also, Thanksgiving Dinner at Panamint Springs and playing on the dunes at Stovepipe Wells
Day 7: Hike up Wildrose Peak
Day 8: Drive the 4WD roads to Marble Canyon, hike in and around the canyon
Day 9: Hike the Panamint Dunes, then drive home

Then collapse and start planning next year’s trip.

Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd

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