Yesterday I did a short morning hike in Harvey Bear County Park (between Morgan Hill and Gilroy) to see how the wildflowers were doing in this dry year. I didn’t expect much so ended up being pleasantly surprised by the variety I found. The majority of the flowers were along the trail over Mummy Mountain, so if you plan on heading out soon that’s where I’d recommend focusing your time.

Below are some photos from the day. This hot weather will sadly dry up the hills soon so get out while you can!

Trip Report

The most abundant flower was the winter vetch, growing densely on the green hillsides. The sky put on a nice show, too!

Harvey Bear Big Sky

Vetch everywhere as we climbed up the south ridge of Mummy Mountain.

Hillside of Winter Vetch

Closeup of vetch

Winter Vetch

The nightshade is on its way out.


And the monkeyflower is on its way in.


A small patch of bright blue larkspur was in the shade on the north side of Mummy Mountain.


Mummy Mountain Map and GPS Track

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