February 27, 2014 Comments (2) Miscellaneous

Five Interesting Things: February Edition

I’ve decided to wrap up each month with five items that have captured my interest during the previous four weeks. Enjoy!


1. This POV of a Luge Run in Sochi



2. This story about Andrea Mead Lawrence

The first American skier to bring home two golds, resident of Mammoth Lakes, CA, and most recently the recipient of a Sierra peak name designation.



3. This insane GoPro footage from Felix Bumgartner’s free fall.



4. This story about Yosemite’s bid for the 1932 Winter Olympics



5. The preliminary results of a John Muir Trail hiker survey

2 Responses to Five Interesting Things: February Edition

  1. Phil says:

    The link for item #5 points to the Yosemite story instead :)

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