March 8, 2013 Comments (4) Trip Reports

Scenes from an Almaden Quicksilver Trail Run

I have previously extolled the virtues of Almaden Quicksilver County Park. Today it was the source of sanity after a couple of long and busy work weeks. I’ve been working from home all week due to very early morning phone calls followed by a lot of heads-down work, so by this morning I was suffering from serious cabin fever. Fortunately, today was finally a day to take a breath and I found myself with the freedom to pop out for a trail run. Naturally, I chose my closest park with the best (no poison oak) trails for running. It was a gorgeous day, and despite only carrying my iPhone I still managed to snap a bunch of pictures capturing the beautiful sky and views. Enjoy!

  • San jose from almaden quicksilver
    2013-03-08 13.02.57
  • Mine Trail enchanted forest
    2013-03-08 13.01.25
  • Gorgeous sky
    2013-03-08 12.50.41
  • One of my favorite little nooks in the park
    2013-03-08 12.49.04
  • Magic trees
    2013-03-08 13.10.44
  • Mt Umunhum
    2013-03-08 13.08.58
  • Trails are a bit muddy
    2013-03-08 13.08.46
  • Mine Trail enchanted forest
    2013-03-08 13.06.26
  • Blue Dicks
    2013-03-08 13.30.14
  • Guadalupe Reservoir
    2013-03-08 13.21.51
  • Junction of Mine and Guadalupe trails
    2013-03-08 13.19.08
  • Junction of Mine and Guadalupe trails
    2013-03-08 13.18.40
  • Muddy
    2013-03-08 13.53.35
  • Poppy
    2013-03-08 13.53.24
  • El Senador Mine ruins
    2013-03-08 14.03.12
  • Crossing an old bridge
    2013-03-08 14.12.32

4 Responses to Scenes from an Almaden Quicksilver Trail Run

  1. Billy Brown says:

    Aww, my hometown! I ran down there last Christmas and gummed up my trail shoes, too. Man, I miss the bay.

    • calipidder says:

      Yeah, it’s a pretty cool spot to have nearby. I’m always amazed at how empty it is, considering how close it is to the country’s 10th largest city. Plus, all that interesting history stuff.

  2. Jim Jarvis says:

    Thanks Rebecca. Great trail; beautiful scenery. Great job with iPhone
    photos. I didn’t know any phone camera could focus so brilliantly on flowers
    (Shoe) leaving the extraneous extraneous. I’ve always loved this area. Wonderful
    day. So happy you shared. Jim J;0)

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