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Uvas Canyon Waterfalls are Running!

I always love to visit Uvas Canyon after the first few rains of the winter season. The waterfalls start running, and the damp air brings out the greens, reds, and oranges in the foliage. The forest feels primitive, like I’m lost in some kind of fairy tale forest (and near the bad queen’s castle).

After last year’s dry spell I was eager to see some running water and Uvas didn’t disappoint. This is a gem of a park that’s a short drive from San Jose.

Here is how the park looks right now… (and if you want to see more, I have a full album from Uvas on smugmug).


Along the Contour Trail

Along the Contour Trail


Basin Falls in Uvas

Basin Falls

Fairytale forest

Fairytale forest

Granuja Falls in Uvas

Granuja Falls

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  1. gambolinman says:

    Nice, Rebecca! I’ve got to visit there one of these days!

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