South Bay Wildflower Report: Santa Teresa

It takes a lot to throw off my generally happy disposition, but a few weeks of work travel (and the corresponding poor sleep and unhealthy eating) and a head cold have knocked me off my game. I desperately needed a few hours outdoors before kicking off another project, so I took off this morning to see how the wildflowers are looking this year.

Santa Teresa is a pretty good local park for flowers so I decided to start there. My 11 mile hike took me to all different parts of the park, and while some areas were already in bloom others hadn’t even started.

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A Weekend at Deer Valley with Columbia Sportswear and the Freestyle World Cup

Last month I got a call from Columbia asking if I was available to attend another OmniTen event in Park City. Last year’s visit was an epic adventure known as the OmniGames, but this seemed a little more on the down low. I didn’t know who else would be going, if anyone, except that this time I got a Plus One. Yep, David finally got to join me on one of my Columbia trips and reap the benefits of being an OmniSpouse. Read more

Happy Birthday to Thor!

It’s Mighty Thor’s first birthday today!

Raising a lab puppy has been so much fun. This adorable face helped us get through the land shark phase with those needle sharp puppy teeth and desire to put everything in his mouth. It’s much easier to forgive and stay patient when that’s the face staring back at you!┬áHe’s smart and the friendliest happiest pup around.

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